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Radio & TV


Radio and Television Broadcasts

Christ Community Church is committed to reaching the Valley with the Word of grace and truth. Several local broadcasts of the sermon and radio program can be seen or heard throughout the week.

Listen Live to WAIY

WAIY is our Low Power FM radio station that broadcasts from Christ Community Church here in Belchertown, MA. You can tune in to the station at 107.7 FM or stream it from waiy.org.

More Radio Broadcasts

 Station  Program  Schedule
 WVNE 760 AM Worcester  Grace and Truth  Weekdays at 10:15AM
 WACE 730 AM Chicopee  Grace and Truth  Weekdays at 8:45AM
 WLPV 107.9 FM Greenfield  Full Sermon  Sundays at 7:00PM
 WLPV 107.9 FM Greenfield  Full Sermon  Tuesdays at 8:00AM
 WLPV 107.9 FM Greenfield  Full Sermon  Thursdays at 11:00PM
 WAIY 107.7 FM Belchertown  Grace and Truth  Weekdays at 12:30PM

Television Broadcasts

 Station  Program  Schedule
 BATV-5 Belchertown  Full Sermon  Sundays at 6:00PM
 ACTV-12 Amherst  Full Sermon  Sundays at 3:40PM