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Christ Community Church is blessed by the tireless and faithful work of our Pastors.

Emmanuel Haqq | Senior Pastor

bio_haqqPastor Haqq, who has a Ph.D. in physics, came to this area to teach and do research in physics at the University of Massachusetts. He became part of planting a church body at Dwight Chapel and, after a period of training, was ordained by the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. He has served as pastor for the past 33 years. Along with teaching and preaching at Dwight, he has preached and shared his faith as a pastor and a physicist both here and abroad. Having been raised in a land where Christians are a small minority, and coming from a non-Christian family background, he has a special appreciation for proclaiming the uniqueness of Jesus. He and his wife Jill have four adult children and make their home in Belchertown, MA.