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"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!" - Psalm 96:3

Christ told His disciples to preach the Gospel to the whole world. Mark 16:15. To that end, Christ Community Church places a high priority on mission work and the support of missionaries worldwide. Many of these missionaries are working in sensitive areas, so for their safety and for the sake of their mission we are not highlighting them here but you can request more information by contacting the church office.


If you have a questions, please get in touch with Christ Community Church at 413-253-0292 or send us a message and we will be happy to help.

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Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! - 1 Chronicles 16:24

Christ Community Church has supported missions in India for over 35 years. Our support has been for Hospital, School, Church Planting and Home Based Care along with the All India Institute for Evangelism.

All India Institute for Evangelism

"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men" - John 1:4

The All India Institute on Evangelism is an annual conference for Young Professionals and Students in India to receive intensely and focused training in strategic evangelism. The conference takes place in the rural mountains of Kodaikanal, Tamil Naidu.

Project Compassion

Project Compassion is a project where we have 52 HIV/AIDS children with us of various ages starting from 3 years to 19 years. These children are either orphaned or may have an aunt, uncle or one grandparent who is still living. This work was started in 2004 and has slowly grown to this stage. There is a separate home for them to live in and we are in the process of building a new home for the older boys which should be completed by the end of this year.

Home Based Care

There are 70 families who are provided monthly provisions of seven items, rice, lentils, oil, sugar, tamarind, soap and toothpaste. They live in their various villages but come once a month for a check-up and counselling, giving us an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. We provide lunch allowing them to have a time of fellowship. We have had many who have come forward saying they would like to know more about the Lord and some have asked for baptism. Lives are being touched. During the years of this project we have also lost many and new families have been added to replace them. 

Care and Counsel Center

This is 20 bedded facility where those who are HIV/AIDS positive come for treatment of any sort. Could be surgery, medical attention or care for them till they die. One relative must be in with them as long as they are with us. Food and care is provided for them.

We ask that patients pay for their care and expenses but there are many who are poor and cannot, but service is still provided for them. The government for many years provided a yearly grant for this work, which helped, but they have stopped this for the last two years. For this reason those who are able to pay are charged, including medications, which are the most expensive. The length of stay would naturally depend on the situation.

This service allows us to reach them with the Good News, especially when we have so many who come to us at the last stages of their lives. It has been a blessing to have many find hope in Jesus Christ on their death beds. Most of them are Hindus and they are amazed that when everyone else rejected them they are accepted and cared for only because of the love of Jesus.

Beautiful Family

There are 64 children in this program right now and but we will be adding some more as the new year has just started. These children are leprosy related or HIV related children. They may have leprosy themselves or their parents have leprosy. HIV related are children who are negative themselves, but parents are positive or have passed away due to the disease. 

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Ethiopian Mission

Meserete Kristos Church

Christ Community Church has partnered with Meserete Kristos (“Christ the Foundation”) Church in Ginche, Ethiopia since 2005. Mennonite missionaries founded Meserete Kristos Church in the 1950s. It was persecuted heavily – and experienced rapid growth – during the communist “Derg” (1974-91). Ethiopia is mainly Orthodox with intense Muslim inroads.

Ginche is an agricultural town about two hours west of Addis Ababa where household income is about a dollar a day. Meserete Kristos Church/Ginche has a unique profile: the congregation is 75% children! Meserete Kristos has regular evangelistic outreach to rural areas and reports new birth and growing membership. Christ Community Church donations initially supported pastor-evangelists and recently the partial construction of a permanent, larger building, both because it was needed and because without it, they faced eviction from their strategic property. Recently, the church has been challenged by the loss of its pastor and subsequent loss of 20% of its children (250 -> 200).

The Bachmann Family

David and Danora Bachmann are missionaries with Avant Ministries and have been supported by Christ Community Church since the early 1990’s. David and Danora are currently stationed in Saint Vincent Village located in Central Brazil. Their objectives are to set up and operate a base camp for a Brazilian mission named Ministerio Avant, designed to prepare missionaries from Latin America to serve in regions of the world where doors are otherwise tightly shut for missionaries from the west.

They are also working to plant small low power FM radio stations in Latin America based on the geographically strategic central Brazil Plateau, two hours from the capital city of Brasilia.

Church Planting Ministry

David and Danora are also the planters of Antioch Bible Church in Saint Vincent Village. Antioch Bible is growing as God is pushing back the edge of invisible darkness. There are 27 adults and 14 children learning to follow God at Antioch Bible. Three couples on the church plant team are being trained to be free to depend on God. The church is now building the first stage of a Spartan, functional, 15X30 meter gym/auditorium. In the future the area is slated to serve the requirements of a day school that is sorely needed by area families who currently can only dream of seeing their kids in a school where they stand a chance of going to college.

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Bluegrass Gospel Sing

The Bluegrass Gospel Sing exists to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the community of people who gather together around the love of bluegrass music.

Mike and Mary Robinson are full time missionaries and members of Christ Community Church. The purpose of their ministry, the Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam, is to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the community of people who gather together around the love of bluegrass music. Mike and Mary Robinson have been ministering to the Bluegrass Music community on the east coast since 2000. They attend festivals year round where Mike preaches gospel messages, they lead Gospel music sing alongs, and they set up camp right on the festival grounds and show the love of Christ to those around them. Being among this community gives them multiple opportunities to have impactful spiritual conversations and lead seekers to the Lord.

Watch the Videos!

Mike's YouTube channel.

You can learn more about Mike and Mary's ministry and join their email update list via their website: www.bluegrassgospelsing.com.

Mission to Colleges- CRU

Christ Community Church supports the work of staff (Haupts) in CRU and Faculty commons to reach college students and faculty in the Pioneer Valley with Good News. UMass CRU is a Christian Campus Ministry aimed at providing fellowship space to college students to connect and grow in Christ.